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Experience Counts

Timely expert advice is what I will guide you with. The Vancouver real estate market is one of the most competitive markets you will ever encounter.  If you don’t have the right advice, this market will have no mercy.  



The value of your real estate is increasing and buyers are anxious to find a great home.  You need a REALTOR® who will represent your best interests.  I will market the unique details of your property to capture the largest audience of buyers.  Pricing strategy, showing times, how and when to receive offers and dealing with bully offers are just a few of the 100’s of details involved in selling real estate successfully.  Every seller has unique needs and every sale has many moving parts.  14 years of experience allows me the ability to speak into your situation with confidence.  I’m excited to learn about your real estate goals.  Let’s set a new record breaking high sales price for your neighbourhood! give me call.   Eight years of ranking in the top 90 agents out of 10,000 based on number of homes sold in Vancouver is a track record you can count on. 



Historically speaking a buyer finds a home with the help of their REALTOR®.  The REALTOR® and the buyer negotiate the details of the contract including the price for the home they love.  Once the negotiations are completed the buyer has about a week to conduct their due diligence.  In Vancouver this process is frequently reversed.  Some buyers try to gain a competitive edge over other buyers buy conducting their due diligence before they submit an offer.  This is how some buyers write what is called a cash offer.  The process is complex and very time sensitive.  Give me a call or drop me a message.  I will be happy to explain in detail with no obligation.  The sooner you understand the process, the less stress you will experience.