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If you’re thinking of selling your house, a professional home evaluator will tell you how much your home is worth. Depending on your home’s condition, the results will vary widely. However, if you’re thinking of increasing your home’s value, having an evaluator tell you what you need to improve can be rewarding.

A good home evaluator can help you make your home worthy of the price you want to get for it. He will know what buyers want to see in Fort St. John homes for sale, so his help will prove invaluable come selling time for your home. That said, there are certain steps you can take to get the best possible appraisal value when an evaluator comes by to visit. Here are some of them:

Clean up

When cleaning up your home, don’t just stop at making the bed or arranging your furniture. Be sure to wash your walls clean, remove gunk and grime from kitchens and bathrooms, and give your carpet or floors a good vacuum or scrub. If you have any renovation projects underway, make sure these are completed before the evaluator arrives.

Enhance curb appeal

Go outside and take a good look at your home from the streets. Does it look enticing? If not, you need to take some time to spruce up your exterior. Manicure the lawn. Repaint your siding if needed, and don’t forget to replace those broken shingles.

Make your own list of notables

You love your home for many reasons, so let the evaluator know what these are. Make your own evaluation list and hand it to your evaluator. This will give him a better idea of what your home offers and what makes it stand out from all the other homes in the area, which could increase its appraisal value.

Trusted home evaluators in Fort St. John

Established home evaluators like Scott Sauer can give you an accurate property market value for your home by comparing it to other current and recently sold homes for sale in Fort St. John, BC. Their services don’t end there, however. Once the evaluation is done, they will then give you a detailed description of why your house is priced as such and let you know of the best improvements you can make to raise your property’s value further.


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