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If you are looking for properties for sale in Fort St. John, BC, then you will want to have the widest range of properties to choose from. The more choices you have, the easier it will be to find the exact home you are looking for that meets your family's needs and preferences.


I have many resources for helping you to find your dream home. You may be thinking that you can search on your own using the Fort St. John MLS (Multiple Listings Service), or the national MLS service. Keep in mind the information provided is limited on any public MLS system due to Canada’s strict privacy laws. I have access to all the information, inculding property history, assessed values, when it was last for sale, what it sold for or how many times the seller has changed his price. I can also see what other homes have sold for in area to establish fair market value.


When you register with me and become a member of my web page, you will be able to search the MLS system and retrieve extensive information about all the houses for sale . The system contains hundreds of fields of information about the features of a property, giving you much needed information to make a decision. The choice is yours.


Finding Your New Home


Begin your MLS search on the “VOW” tab under “Properties” tab on my home page. Set the search parameters, such as price range, number of bedrooms, floor area and other factors, and then click search. You will see a list of the properties that match you search queries. From there, choose a property and click “details,” and you will be shown extensive information about that particular property.


In the listing, you will find that each property has a unique identifying number (MLS#) displayed on the second line of the basic information about the property:

Prop. Type
MLS® Num
Year Built
When you find a home that you really like, keep the MLS# as a reference. Call or Text me or click on “Contact about this listing” and then provide your contact info. I'll be in touch ASAP with more information, and if you wish, I can schedule a tour of the home! 250-794-1515

Let My System Do the Work for You!

If you don't have the time to search the MLS, simply register and fill out the “Find Listings” form to let me know what kind of Fort St. John home you are looking for. Make sure to choose the “Get Email Alerts” option so I can inform you about the properties available.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell your property, call or text me at 1-250-794-1515 today. I am here to help!

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