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Buying real estate in Vancouver is a very tricky endeavour because the eyes of the world are focused on our city.  Foreign investors have influenced not only the price of homes but also the features of what can increase or decrease the value of a home.  My experience will help you understand who you are competing against when considering a purchase and what you can do to gain a competitive edge of over them.  When I act as your buyers agent, I will be working closely with you to advise you with your best interests in mind.  In our meetings to discuss your goals and as we view homes I will gain a greater understanding of what you actually want in a home.  The more I understand the better advice I can offer you.  This will make your buying process quicker and less stressful.  Every day I will review the new listings and consider them in light of what you are looking for plus my listings watch system will notify you of the homes for sale in your price range and area of interest.  The system will ensure we both see the full scope of the market.  I would be excited to meet you and discuss the best action plan for your goals to be reached.

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