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Lovely Homes for Sale in Fort St. John, BC: Close Transactions Quickly

Are you looking for lovely Fort St. John homes for sale? If so, be prepared to spend a little more than the rest of your northern B.C. neighbours. According to a report from The Alaska Highway News, prices for homes in Fort St. John have been steadily rising in recent months:



For the first time, properties in Fort St. John are now selling for an average price of over $400,000, recent data from the BC Northern Real Estate Board suggests.

This makes Fort St. John the most expensive place to buy homes in northern B.C., but as other data shows, still surprisingly affordable compared to the rest of the province.

Prices can vary month to month, the board said in its report, but for three months between March and June, the average house selling price went between $400,000 to $425,000.

According to experts, the price increase is attributed to the lack of supply coupled with a strong demand for homes. If you truly are serious about purchasing a home in the Energetic City, you’ll need to act quickly.

Luckily, there are several steps to help speed up the sale process and ensure your dream home doesn’t slip through your fingers. Such steps include the following:

Get Pre-Approved for Mortgage Financing

Make an appointment to talk with a Mortgage expert, ensure the person you are seeing primarily focuses on helping clients secure mortgage financing. A loans officer does not have the specialized skills required to ensure you will have all your ‘financial ducks’ in a row when it comes time to close the deal. A mortgage specialist will ensure you have a solid understanding of your budget and wont be disappointed with financial issues.

Check Your Credit Rating

This is the first step toward purchasing homes for sale in Fort St. John, B.C. Not only does your mortgage lender need this information, but doing so also provides you time to fix a less-than-ideal credit rating. You can request a FREE credit report from Equifax Canada or TransUnion Canada once a year.

Work with a Realtor®

Do not underestimate the power of a professional Realtor®. An experienced Realtor® like Scott Sauer (250-794-1515 cell) will find you your dream home. Scott will ensure you beat other buyers to the hot new listings allowing you to be first to decide if you want to buy the home. At the same time, a Realtor® can keep negotiations on-going on your behalf, allowing you to buy the house faster.

Make a Larger Down Payment

Remember: sellers are selling their homes and are ready to make a deal with qualified buyers. Having a pre qualified mortgage will show you are a serious buyer. I can help you save money buy writing a contract that they’re more likely to accept rather than toss you to the side and wait for a serious buyer. I will ensure your offer is accepted right then and there.

(Source: FSJ home prices cross the $400,000 mark; Alaska Highway News; August 7, 2014)

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