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Discover the value of your real estate.

Discover the Value of Your Home!

I will compair the information you tell me about your home to other homes for sale and recently sold in your area.  I spend time every day studying the current trends of the Real Estate market in Vancouver so I will be able to price your home right.   The right price will attract the most buyers and motivate them to pay the highest price possible.  I take pride in helping my clients set record high sale prices.

This analysis will reveal your property's market value, one of the first - and essential! - steps as you prepare to sell.


When do I sell... What do I buy?  and should I buy first or sell first?


Your next purchase.

To help you make a rock solid plan for your move, I will also send you a list of all the homes for sale and recently sold that meet your criteria.  This will allow you to work out your budget and feel comfortable your plan for a different home is attainable.  


I'll contact you as soon as I have the results.


Mortgage advice?

To talk with a mortgage specialist call David Cole, Mortgage specialist at RBC 1-604-916-3444 cell.



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